Ripe Mangoes Profile: Ethan Edwards

In the build up to the second instalment of Ripe Mangoes, we’re profiling the next set of this year’s exhibiting artists, selected from the degree shows at Southampton Solent University and Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton. Ripe Mangoes #02 launches on Friday 16th August. First up is Southampton Solent University Photography graduate Ethan Edwards.

Ethan Edwards

Ethan is primarily interested in composition and colour; the spaces and subjects he photographs are removed from their original meaning and context, almost abstracted. Working mostly in analog, Ethan captures moments that are quiet and contemplative, revealing beauty in the banal.

“Whether it’s pressing the shutter or simply observing the surrounding world, intersecting geometry and light will continuously merge. These aligning moments are hard to put into words, so it’s easier to have half the conversation within photographs.”

Join us on Friday 19th August at 6pm at the Alfred Arcade on Old Northam Road for the launch of Ripe Mangoes #02.