Anti-Racism Action Plan

Like many people and organisations around the world, we were jolted and motivated by the Black Lives Matter movement to understand and address the wide structural inequalities and stark power imbalances present in our society. Tackling racism will require all of us to collectively address issues of racial injustice, biases, attitudes and stereotypes wherever we come across them in everyday life.

We recognise that ’a space’ arts has a pivotal role to play in tackling these issues in the local arts sector and beyond, and we are committed to proactively working towards bringing about positive and lasting changes. 

Artists, communities, and organisations like ours have powerful voices that can influence the views of wider society, and we want to use and amplify our voice through the exhibitions and activities that we deliver to communicate issues that ‘a space’ arts and the artists we support believe in.

This voice has been building through our programming across the last two years and we now present our inaugural set of Anti-Racism commitments. Through these we publicly express the organisation’s intention to be a positive agent of change, whilst acknowledging this is just a starting point and that our commitment to anti-racism will be an ongoing process of individual and collective growth and learning.

As we deliver this work over the coming years, we remain open to learning, listening and holding space for conversations on anti-racism and we invite individuals and organisations to join the conversation as we look to create positive change in the world around us. 

(November 2022)

Download and read our Anti-Racism Action Plan here – ‘a space’ arts Anti-Racism Action Plan 2022


Notes on terminology:

  • We acknowledge language is fluid and evolving and aim to ensure our use of language remains inclusive and inoffensive.
  • As an organisation we have joined the movement to reject the acronym BAME as this state-manufactured term flattens and depoliticises global solidarity between people with a lived experiences of racism.
  • We acknowledge the term ‘people of global majority’ as it is factually true with over 80% of the world’s population making up the global majority of non-white peoples.


Examples of our projects

The following projects are examples of our ongoing work as an arts organisation to honour our anti-racism commitments as we look to continue to remove barriers and create greater opportunities for artists of the global majority.