Lucky Dip Bursaries

The Lucky Dip Bursary scheme offers ten artists in the SO postcode £500 to fund the creation of a new artwork or activity.

The application process will be light-touch and proposals will not be assessed. The bursaries will be awarded to artists through a lottery selection. This experimental new approach was originally proposed by Southampton based artists Dave Hubble and sarah filmer and adapted by ‘a space’ arts in response to a recent review of how our Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) funding supports artists and to proactively remove barriers around inclusion, application and selection processes.

We understand that 2020 has been a very challenging year for artists across the country. Loss of income from postponed or canceled projects and shortages of other employment opportunities in the wake of the pandemic have made it difficult for artists to fund their practice. The Lucky Dip Bursary Scheme will provide financial support and positivity at this difficult time by enabling ten local artists to make new work.

‘a space’ arts is committed to becoming an anti-racist organisation and as part of this work five of the Lucky Dip Bursaries will be offered to ethnically diverse* artists.

To download the brief and find out how to apply, please click here.

The winners will be revealed here on February 12th at 12.30pm. 


*A note about terminology:

In this document we have used the term ethnically diverse. This term is intended to be inclusive and inoffensive but we acknowledge that language is fluid and always evolving. As an organisation, we have joined the movement to reject BAME because it is a state-manufactured term which flattens and depoliticises the global solidarity between people with a lived experience of racism, as well as being recognised only in the United Kingdom.

Lucky Dip Bursary Recipients 2021