Testing Space

As part of ‘a space’ arts Artist Resources Programme, Testing Space is a multi-functional space for visual artists living and working in Southampton to experiment with new work and ideas.

If you need a project space to test out new ideas or are looking for a location for a pop-up exhibition or event, this large and flexible space located at the Arches Studios is available to SO based visual artists and creatives at no cost, for a period of up to 21 days.

“The space itself is fantastic as it is calm and private…The whole experience has been so positive and I feel I achieved more than I had hoped. I now see where I want to develop the work creatively and where I need to do some more research to support this.”

“I came into the work afresh every day and saw new things and relationships, which was so helpful. As a result I felt I was able to experiment and develop my ideas and pieces much more deeply. It was so beneficial as some of the ideas and plans I had thought would work didn’t and having the week allowed me to find solutions and develop the concepts I had.”


If you have any questions about Testing Space or want to arrange a visit to the space, contact celeste@aspacearts.org.uk for further information.

Click here to apply for Testing Space here