Anxiety is all that she felt by Stephanie Parker

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Friday 23rd February 6:00pm – Sunday 31st March 2024 6:00pm

The Hidden Wardrobe, 92 Old Northam Road, Southampton SO14 0PB

Anxiety is all that she felt by Stephanie Parker

Stephanie is an artist and illustrator interested in animal anthropomorphism. Her research-intensive process often references Victorian era works, such as the taxidermist, Walter Potter and animal illustrator, Louis Wain. The surreal images and characters in her work teeter between the endearing and the uncanny.


“Anxiety is all that she felt delves into the world of anxiety with a series of felted animal scenes, each one telling a story about the battles with and the overcoming of anxiety, worrying, and overthinking. Inspired by my love for animals, this installation uses whimsical art to portray the multifaceted nature of these emotional challenges. The scenes not only reflect the struggles but also the triumphs in dealing with anxiety.

The purpose of this exhibition is to send a positive message: anxiety, while often challenging, can be eased and even transformed into a creative force. This installation is more than just an artistic expression; it’s a celebration of resilience and the potential for art to mirror our inner journeys. Through these felted scenes, I hope to offer comfort, understanding, and the idea that anxiety, in its complexity, can become a wellspring for creativity and personal growth.”


Join us on Friday 23rd February at 6pm for the launch event at the Hidden Wardrobe on Old Northam Road where you will have the opportunity to explore the exhibition up close and be able to meet the artist.

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