Arches Open Studios 2020

Open Studios

Saturday 11th July 2020 11:00am - 9:00pm


Open Studios is all about peeling back the curtain and having the chance to see the life and workings inside an artists workspace. Unfortunately due to these times, the Arches Studios artists are not able to invite you into their space, but would still like to share and connect with you. They have all worked individually and together to find creative solutions to embrace the challenges we as artists and a community are facing now. The diversity of practices is reflected here – staged on these various digital platforms where the work is shared for you to enjoy. Thank you for your support, presence, and interest – and we hope you enjoy!

Visit this page on 11th July when all the live links to events and activity will be released.

Butcher’s Hook orders

We’re really happy to be working with the Butcher’s Hook again for our Open Studios this year! Serving a brilliant array of craft beers and other refreshments! Put your orders in online for the Saturday collection service here

Along with your drinks, view and select to order from a series of special edition Arches artist prints here 

Open Studios Programme – Live Activity

Dave Hubble

Dave Hubble performs on his created instrument, The Coronium – made from found materials.

Listen here

Join Dave for a workshop to make your own instrument out of materials from around your home

LIVE: 11am – 11:40am

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Cacophony Junk Orchestra – Bring your home-made musical instruments and join Dave in jamming together to make noise from junk

LIVE: 2pm – 2:20pm

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Stewart Beckett

Stewart will be doing a portrait painting demonstration over the course of the day, streamed on his YouTube Channel. He will also be available via Facebook and Instagram, throughout the day, discussing and answering questions.

LIVE: 11am – 1pm, 2pm – 5pm

Watch here

An Open Discussion – Artists working together in the City of Culture bid

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As the exciting build up to Southampton going for City of Culture continues, we’d like to provide a platform for artists and others to be able to discuss, dream and project ideas and possibilities in light of a successful bid. How will our artists community be part of that in shaping how we move forward? What would/should artists be doing as a community? How could we contribute? During these pandemic times we have learnt a lot about community – how do we carry that through into our City of Culture bid? Continuing to encourage supporting one another locally and inventing new ways to connect and be together. Arches artist Asten Holmes-Elliott hosts an open discussion to bring artists and community together to creatively start this conversation.

LIVE: 7pm – 9pm

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Open Studios Programme – Throughout the Day

Instagram Stories

See instagram stories throughout the day to meet the residents and see their recent work.

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One Second Everyday Film Reel

Watch Arches artists visual diaries of their ‘every day’ for a month during lockdown – reflecting moments of their creative practices and attention to capturing what is around them in this period.

Watch here

Artist Interviews

Join us with a series of Instagram Live sessions, where the Arches artists interview each other, talk about their practice and answer questions.

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Nicola Anderson

Using film and sound footage from her garden and laptop, Nicola’s new work takes on a state of isolation.

Watch here

Hazel Corvin

Hazel Corvin presents “Lockdown Bookbinding”- using found objects and materials picked up during essential shops, in order to remember/distract from the current state of the world. This will be shared via her Instagram page @OctoberTales.Studio.

The artist’s previous projects, including zines and Artist Book Objects will also be showcased over the course of Open Studios, and available to purchase direct from the artist via social media.

Watch here

Chris Cudlip

Working from a found object, sculptor, Chris Cudlip will be broadcasting footage of the process involved in carving a naturalistic form in lime wood.

Watch here

Jilly Evans

Jilly Evans carries on her exploration of urban graffiti tagging. Since lockdown her research field has narrowed to a daily walk in the local park where she is noticing in more detail the ever changing evolution of tagging. She continues, mainly through stitch, to think about who is making these tags and the value or otherwise of unseen/unpaid work.




Emma Louise Harris

Emma Louise Harris has challenged herself to do one art journal page for each day of the lockdown. She is a painter and art journaler, and has kept art journals (which she sees as visual diaries) since 2008. The work shared is mainly using collage and mixed media.


Celeste Ingrams

Celeste’s filmed performance responds to the Arches studios closed doors in lockdown – webs being spun inside and outside – as she attempts to process the flux in networks of connection at this time – with changing routes of activity and her interest drawing on personal and social mapping practices.

Watch here

Lizzie Jones

Lizzie, Lacky Les and Half Caboodle share puppet show creations and making from the yellow teapot garden window puppet show.

Watch here

Also see Lizzie’s notes from the adventures of this year’s Arches dye garden…



Peter McGinnis

Peter has taken to Pottering around his house making practical sculptures and performing on Tik Tok #itsnotart



Jaime J West

Jaimé J West presents a Creative Meditation Workshop. The session will introduce you to Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation and start with Self Realisation, the first technique of the practice.

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J Walters

J Walters has made a virtual recreation of Arch 04, The Arches studios, and invited Arches artists to share their work within this space.The overarching process looks at paradoxes within creation, curation and connection. Themes of virtual reality and imagination, coding and arrangement, the hidden and discreet, are ongoing areas of exploration within their practice.

The art work being shared in the space is by Stewart Beckett, Dana Dohotaru, Jilly Evans, Asten Holmes-Elliott, Dave Hubble, Celeste Ingrams, Lizzie Jones, Peter McGinnis, and J Walters.

See the exhibition here