Artist Facilitator Opportunity - Active Citizens Project

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Monday 18th July 9:00am – Monday 8th August 2022 9:00am

Eastleigh Borough and Romsey MENCAP are working with ‘a space’ arts to deliver a series of creative workshops for the ‘Active Citizens’ group – a group established by Eastleigh Borough and Romsey MENCAP to represent the views of people with learning disabilities, and we’re looking for a facilitator to lead the creative sessions.


Context and Project Aims

Active Citizens is a citizenship group which focuses on learning disability issues and how people with learning disabilities can better integrate into the community and work for the common good. Part of the remit is also to educate the community at large to help them to understand the key issues and build better relationships. Active Citizens was responsible for setting up the Safer Places scheme in Eastleigh and the promotion of safety in the community.The aims of this project are:

  • To create a sense of ownership from the participants in the development of project outcomes.
  • To build relations and a greater sense of acceptance of adults with learning disability within the wider community.
  • To empower participants and give them an opportunity to express their thoughts on issues that affect them.
  • To improve and develop participants’ creative skills, offering them an experience to develop new skills or develop existing ones.
  • To involve more people in creative activities, improving participants wellbeing and allowing them to contribute to a project bringing them closer to the people around them.
  • To demonstrate GHT as a venue which is relevant to them, accepting and welcoming.
  • To co-create a body of work and develop a sharing event with the group for family, friends and funders.
  • To document the progress of individuals in the group as well as the project as a whole in a creative and engaging way to share with funders and members of the public.

This project has been supported by The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation (HIWCF). HIWCF is an independent charitable foundation specialising in building funds and awarding grants on behalf of donors and fundholders.

The Brief

You can download the full artist brief here Active Citizens Project – Artist Brief


Timeframe and delivery

These sessions will take place regularly on Tuesday mornings over 5 workshops, as well as training, induction and evaluation meetings. Please see the key dates and fee breakdown below.

The facilitator will also take the lead in shaping a culmination sharing event for participants to share their work in the final workshop with wider members of the community and MENCAP funders.


Key dates

Open call for submissions > Monday 18th July – Monday 8th August

Successful artist notified > Monday 22nd August

Sessions > 5 workshops across Tuesday 27th September – Tuesday 25th October


The facilitator will receive £1,500 for the planning, delivery and resources used in this project (Delivery – £750, planning – £450, materials allowance – £200, travel subsidy – £100)


How to apply

To apply for the facilitator role, please send a written proposal to James Hunter at [email protected] by 9am on Monday 8th August.

Written proposals should be no longer than 2 sides of A4 and include:

  • A project overview detailing the planned activity for the sessions, the proposed structure for sessions.
  • Insights in to how feedback will be captured and how the sessions will achieve the aims and outcomes as stated above.
  • An overview proposal for the sharing event at God’s House Tower – with room for the final product to be shaped by the participants.

Please also include a short personal statement detailing relevant experience of previous community work in a creative arts setting. Any previous experience working with adults with learning disabilities would be an advantage but not essential as there is a budget for training.

Proposals can be submitted by individuals or artists working in collaboration to deliver the project within the fee stated above.

If you would like to submit an application in a different medium please contact James on the email above and we can discuss an alternative way for you to submit your application.


About Eastleigh Mencap

Eastleigh Borough and Romsey Mencap (EBRM) EBR Mencap was formed in 1972 and has considerable experience in helping people with learning disabilities through its various clubs and activities. It exists to support people who have learning disabilities and live in the Eastleigh and Romsey areas. Our belief is that people with learning disabilities should lead rich and fulfilling lives, through participation in enjoyable, challenging and rewarding activities every day. This might be paid or unpaid work, a hobby or sport, or contributing to their community. Their lives should not revolve around housework, sitting in cafes or food shopping.