ArtVaults: Live Weekend 02

Exhibitions, Workshops

Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th September 2018

Canute's Palace, Porter's Lane, Southampton, SO14 2AR

The second weekend of ArtVaults: Live sees Amanda Moore’s installation host Vivian Chinasa Ezugha and Wilfred Tomescu.

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha: Rara Avis: The perception of the Gothic

Saturday 8th September, 11am & 12pm
Performance, Free, Drop-in

Exploring the concept of the masquerade, Ezugha performs a ritual wearing a garment inspired by her own traditional African heritage and the rare and beautiful, endangered native British bird, the Capercaillie.

Her actions are slow, like prey avoiding its predator. She stops and looks around, then creeps and creeps, tuning into minute sounds in the environment. Lowering her body to the floor, flat on the hard surface, Ezugha becomes one with the space.

Ezugha’s performance presents a chance for the viewer to embrace the masquerade whilst beholding the rarity and beauty of the Capercaillie.

Wilfred Tomescu: Apocryphal Anachronism

Sunday 9th September, Tours start promptly at 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm
Immersive artwork (duration 30 mins)

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The hidden histories of Canute’s Palace are brought to life in an aural guided exploration that both draws from and contributes to local mythology.

Wilfred Tomescu presents a ‘theatre of the mind’ that transform Canute’s Palace into an archaeological museum. Intertwined narratives create overlapping and collective audio interpretations of finding land in the flood, holding the tide and subversion / sub-mmersion. Audiences are presented with a guided aural exploration within a mobile sound installation, which begins with the distribution of headphones and a guiding pamphlet.

* Apocryphal Anachronism – a story of doubtful authenticity belonging to a period which may be considered old-fashioned.

Amanda Moore Installation

Throughout September

Amanda Moore’s installation presents a structural framework situated within the once grand Medieval Normandy Longhouse, now known as Canute’s Palace. The structure includes tensile strings, strung across at a high level to support vessels filled with water from the nearby Solent.

The undulating forms of the vessels within the space, link back to the narratives surrounding King Canute’s demonstration that no man has control over the tide, claimed to have been performed by the Solent.

Moore has manipulated the Solent tide by capturing water and transporting it into the space, where it is suspended above the heads of the viewer. As daylight shines through the water receptacles, it casts reflections onto the floor which change throughout the day, producing extraordinary light effects within the architecture.

Once the ArtVaults: Live events are complete and the installation is taken down, the water will be returned back to the Solent.

ArtVaults: Live 2018 Programme