ArtVaults: Live Weekend 04


Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd September 2018

Canute's Palace, Porter's Lane, Southampton, SO14 2AR

The fourth weekend of ArtVaults: Live sees Amanda Moore’s installation host Daniel Tebano and Sarah Siddons Fan Club.

Daniel Tebano: Sweaty Mystic

Saturday 22nd September, 10am – 4pm
Performance, Free, Drop-in

In his performance Tebano will attempt to create waves and the power of inertia within a clear, shallow perspex box located in Canute’s Palace. Tebano’s re-enactment of the tale of King Canute, will reveal his ability to influence water and his limitations in controlling water’s chaotic nature. Where the water is sourced and how it arrives into the box echoes Tebano’s role in the proceedings, as his identity shifts from tourist to supernatural traveller. “Water between the brickwork, the stones work and the arms are tied. Rippled through the rope jerk, the fall hurts and the saintly rise.

Water between good intentions and a sense of mystic pride. Salty strength in divine intervention washed-up on your side of the castle wall, of the ocean’s pull whilst the maverick sweats to subdue the tide as his ruling tool.”

Sarah Siddons Fan Club: Hold Back the Tide

Sunday 23rd September, 2pm and 4pm (30 mins performance)
Free, Drop-in

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The year is 1616 and the mayor of Southampton has commissioned a group of travelling players to present a play about King Canute who was declared King of England in 1016 upon Southampton Common. The leader of the troop, one W. Shakespeare has decided to update an early Shakespearian work of the tale.

Unfortunately for the audience, Shakespeare has recently died in Stratford and the revised version has been drafted by his cousin Walter!

Join the Sarah Siddons Fan Club Theatre, who have put on their disguising apparel and forged a performance licence to present an interpretation of actual events in an impromptu performance at Canute’s Palace.

Amanda Moore Installation

Throughout September

Amanda Moore’s installation presents a structural framework situated within the once grand Medieval Normandy Longhouse, now known as Canute’s Palace. The structure includes tensile strings, strung across at a high level to support vessels filled with water from the nearby Solent.

The undulating forms of the vessels within the space, link back to the narratives surrounding King Canute’s demonstration that no man has control over the tide, claimed to have been performed by the Solent.

Moore has manipulated the Solent tide by capturing water and transporting it into the space, where it is suspended above the heads of the viewer. As daylight shines through the water receptacles, it casts reflections onto the floor which change throughout the day, producing extraordinary light effects within the architecture.

Once the ArtVaults: Live events are complete and the installation is taken down, the water will be returned back to the Solent.

ArtVaults Live: 2018 Programme