ArtVaults: Live Weekend 05

Exhibitions, Workshops

Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th September 2018

Canute's Palace, Porter's Lane, Southampton, SO14 2AR

The final weekend of ArtVaults: Live sees Amanda Moore’s installation host Svetlana Ochkovskaya, and Robin Price, Kane Applegate & Andy Jones.

Svetlana Ochkovskaya: The Other C

Saturday 29th September, 7pm – 8pm
Performance, Free, Drop-in

Ochkovskaya’s live performance and site-specific installation within Canute’s Palace merges themes of the mythical with science fiction. A sense of wonder entices viewers to immerse themselves within the fabricated post-human environment, encouraging new perceptions of the world by taking the audience to a visual Other.

Occupying the space is Ochkovskaya’s performative figure and a grand ornamental throne. The figures ‘non-human’ appearance transforms his identity, giving spirit and energy to a creature of ethereal myth; stretching the boundaries of the imagination and the wondrous tale of King Canute.

Robin Price, Kane Applegate & Andy Jones: Spontaneity Knotting

Sunday 30th September 12pm, 1.30pm, 3pm
A collaborative project, (duration 45 mins)

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Artists Price, Applegate and Jones invite people to join a collaborative art activity with the aim to learn maritime knots in a shared kinaesthetic experience, a term they describe as Spontaneity Knotting. Sailing knots have a significant connection to Southampton’s maritime heritage; used for many years to secure boats from drifting away with the tide.

The group activity which connects the objects with one another will be the binding process to create conversations including sharing information about the collective heritage of knots.

Amanda Moore Installation

Throughout September

Amanda Moore’s installation presents a structural framework situated within the once grand Medieval Normandy Longhouse, now known as Canute’s Palace. The structure includes tensile strings, strung across at a high level to support vessels filled with water from the nearby Solent.

The undulating forms of the vessels within the space, link back to the narratives surrounding King Canute’s demonstration that no man has control over the tide, claimed to have been performed by the Solent.

Moore has manipulated the Solent tide by capturing water and transporting it into the space, where it is suspended above the heads of the viewer. As daylight shines through the water receptacles, it casts reflections onto the floor which change throughout the day, producing extraordinary light effects within the architecture.

Once the ArtVaults: Live events are complete and the installation is taken down, the water will be returned back to the Solent.

ArtVaults: Live 2018 Programme