ArtVaults: Live Weekend 01


Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd September 2018

Canute's Palace, Porter's Lane, Southampton, SO14 2AR

The opening weekend of ArtVaults: Live sees the ruins of Canute’s Palace brought to life with a site-specific month long installation by artist/architect Amanda Moore as a backdrop for a season of live art across five weekends throughout September.

Mad King Ludwig: Knot What You Think

Saturday 1st September, 6pm – 9pm
Launch event, A show performed through music, poetry and comedy

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The launch of ArtVaults: Live resurrects the extraordinary story of Mad King Ludwig, an intriguing saga, which invites the audience to get to the crux of key matters and questions, such as the veritable cause of his death, and whether capitalism is any better than being ruled by an eccentric monarch.

Born into royalty in Bavaria in the 1800s, Ludwig managed to rule without doing very much ruling at all, spending his reign building an inordinate amount of castles, funding the career of composer Richard Wagner, and eating lots of sweets. One hundred years or so passed and he was reborn into relative middle-class normality.

Now residing in Southampton, Mad King Ludwig brings the tale of his unusual life to Canute Palace for a show performed through music, poetry, comedy, performance art and ridiculousness.

sarah filmer: Knit the Walls

Sunday 2nd September, 12pm – 4pm
A co-production project, Free, Drop-in

Join artist, sarah filmer, at the iconic Canute’s Palace for a knitting and wondering session. ‘Knit the walls’ is an ongoing knitting project aspiring to recreate the medieval city walls out of wool, with the collective help of many Southampton residents. How do the walls hold the history of the city?

So many stories are lost, particularly those of the everyday, the unremarkable and the mundane. You are invited to come knitting, and consider these lost day-to-day histories. This is not an archival endeavour, but a wondering endeavour – can we make connections with folk of the past through our actions now, today?

As we talk, and wonder and ‘knit the walls’, a soft, warm, protective, functional, decorative record of knitters today grows ever larger, holding in its stitches the time and relations of its makers, as the old walls hold energies and records of the public of the city’s past. All materials and cake will be supplied.

Amanda Moore Installation

Throughout September

Amanda Moore’s installation presents a structural framework situated within the once grand Medieval Normandy Longhouse, now known as Canute’s Palace. The structure includes tensile strings, strung across at a high level to support vessels filled with water from the nearby Solent.

The undulating forms of the vessels within the space, link back to the narratives surrounding King Canute’s demonstration that no man has control over the tide, claimed to have been performed by the Solent.

Moore has manipulated the Solent tide by capturing water and transporting it into the space, where it is suspended above the heads of the viewer. As daylight shines through the water receptacles, it casts reflections onto the floor which change throughout the day, producing extraordinary light effects within the architecture.

Once the ArtVaults: Live events are complete and the installation is taken down, the water will be returned back to the Solent.

ArtVaults: Live 2018 Programme