GHT.2058: Asylo-جنّت by Bijan Moosavi

Exhibitions, Free, In Person

Saturday 24th June 10:00am – Sunday 13th August 2023 4:00pm

God's House Tower, Town Quay Road, Southampton, SO14 2NY

‘a space’ arts presents GHT.2058: Asylo-جنّت; a commission by London-based Iranian multimedia artist Bijan Moosavi.

Part of our Art for Climate Action Programme, this immersive exhibition submerged the viewer in a fictional near-future climate dystopia created by neoliberal negligence and greed. Comprised of various materials and media hinting at climate catastrophes, science fiction dystopias, marketing overhype and Islamic Kitsch, the exhibition was a portal into a deeply neoliberal refugee centre from the year 2058, which houses Middle Eastern asylum seekers displaced due to a global failure in dealing with the climate crisis.


About the artist

Bijan Moosavi is an Iranian multimedia artist based in London. He makes films, installations, music and performances which look at the impact of neoliberalism from a Middle Eastern point of view. Bijan’s work draws upon the aesthetics of corporate advertising, sci-fi movies, popular culture and the Islamic Kitsch in order to tell dystopian tales from speculative futures drowned in deep neoliberalism.

Bijan was selected for the EOP Members Show at the Eastside Projects (Birmingham) where he realised his ‘Disco Islam: Future Phantasmagoria’ exhibition in 2022. He has also presented his work at V.O Curations, London (2022), AD/AD Project Space, Hanover (2021), The Nunnery Gallery, London (2020), Delfina Foundation, London (2019), Forecast Forum, Berlin (2019), The Art House, Wakefield (2017), Sazmanab Project, Tehran (2010) and Azad Art Gallery, Tehran (2010), among others.

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