Opportunity - NLHF x GHT Consultant

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Friday 16th December 9:00am – Friday 27th January 2023 9:00am

An experienced consultant is required to work with ‘a space’ arts to lead the development of a new NLHF application for the award winning arts and heritage venue God’s House Tower. 

The new NLHF application will support implementing new commercial activities that aim to create a more sustainable arts and heritage venue, a new programme that broadens participation to reach a wider range of people, an off-site project to draw audiences to the old town along with additional capacity through an apprenticeship.

The consultants brief is designed to focus on writing the main application and bringing capacity and expertise to the organisation. The outcome of this work will be a strong, well-considered and compelling application that gives the organisation the best possible chance of success.


The Brief

The consultants role covers three broad areas: to write the main application, to support developing a digital strategy and the cultural programme, along with reviewing and integrating keys areas from the new business plan into the application, these are listed respectively.

NLHF application – to write a new and compelling NLHF on behalf of ASA for GHT. The application will be in the region of £250,000 and support GHT across 3 years (2023 – 2026). The grant will underpin a period in which the organisation will introduce a new business plan that aims to make GHT more commercially sustainable along with delivering a new cultural programme to reach a broader range of people.

Digital – to support the organisation develop a new digital strategy that enables additional reach, creates more opportunities for access, and engages online audiences to widen participation and involve a wider range of people.

Programme – to support the organisation complete the arts and heritage programme, building on the existing outline that includes anchor exhibitions and activities that draw on stories from GHT’s past to position GHT in a contemporary conversation with themes inclining climate and anti-racism. The consultant is required to review this with the team, contribute new ideas and ensure the programme is adequately resourced within the budget and integrated into the application.

Audiences – to review target audiences identified in the business plans and contribute additional thinking about engaging target audiences and integrating plans for audience development into the main application. We would also welcome any new ideas on attracting demographics that do not currently engage with GHT.

Partners – to review existing partners and advise on any additional partnerships, including heritage groups or arts organisations GHT can work with to develop new projects or commercial opportunities. Partners could be from Southampton, the Old Town, or the wider Solent region and be from complementary sectors.

Income – to review plans for generating income through new commercial activities as stated in the new business plan, to offer additional advice or ideas, and endorse the new business plan in the application. NLHF are expecting the full business plan to be submitted with the application.


The fees offered in this brief are aligned to guidance received for consultancy rates. • £450 per day x 12 days = £5,400 including all expenses and VAT.



We aim to submit the NLHF application for April 2023, however we prioritise getting the application right and sourcing the right consultant to work with. Therefore the date below is indicative can be discussed and agreed

  • Consultant to complete this brief before the target submission date of Monday 3rd April 2023



This brief is being sent directly to a pre-defined shortlist of consultants.

  • If interested please send an EoI and a copy of your CV to dan@aspaearts.org.uk by Friday 27th January 2023.
  • All EoI’s will be reviewed by the organisations director and trustees (names below) with a shortlist invited for an informal interview.


For full details please see the brief here