Venice Fellows Sharing Event

Artist Resources, Talks

Friday 31st January 2020 6:00pm

God's House Tower, Town Quay Road, Southampton, SO14 2NY

Between July and November 2019 ‘a space’ arts supported three artists to spend a month at the Venice Biennale, as part of the British Council’s Venice Fellowship. Claudia Friend, Asten Holmes-Elliott and Laurence Rushby were shortlisted by ‘a space’ from an open call, and selected by the British Council, to invigilate the British Pavilion and develop their own artistic research.

On the day the UK leaves the EU come to God’s House Tower to hear tales from foreign lands. The artists invite you to join them for an evening of performance, film and participation, to hear their stories and see Venice through their eyes. Consider your own future trip to Venice through their survivors’ guide. Contemplate how mapping the Biennale template to Southampton could bring a visual arts festival to our shores.

What is the Venice Biennale and what do you need to know if you want to visit or get involved? What happens in the British Pavilion? Who is Cathy Wilkes?

In this building which once adjoined the sea find out why wool leads to water, what stories dresses tell, and mix plaster to make new work.

Hear about future opportunities to go to Venice through the British Councils Fellowship scheme.

Especially for this event we’ll be serving Aperol Spritz, with the first 10 people to arrive receiving a complimentary drink.