Exhibition Launch: Memory, Mundane & My Fantasies.

Jackie Eksi

Memory, Mundane & My Fantasies.

Testing Space/Arch 4, The Arches, Captains Place, SO14 3FE

Exhibition Dates: Friday, 24th Feb – 25th Feb

Exhibition Launch 24th Feb: 6pm – 9pm 

Open Saturday 25th Feb: 11am – 4 pm

This two day exhibition brings together several ongoing bodies of work by Jackie Eksi made over the last 10 years. Eksi’s work is informed by personal experience and early memory, exploring how the retention of these things shape our identity.

Using clay sculptures, wood construction, painting, larger pieces for stage sets, dioramas, paintings drawings, and story boards. Eksi likes to work in a very broad spectrum of methods and materials, favouring work that the viewer has to peer into, walk around and even through to fully appreciate. It invites the viewer to pause, consider and articulate their own questions about memory, reality and illusion. Can we trust what we see? Do we remember events correctly and in the same way as others?

Her recent participation in ‘a space’ arts ‘Making Room’ Residency Programme, has resulted in her storyboarding memories using her work ‘Childhood Home/Dollhouse’ as a starting point. Of the residency, Eksi has said that it has been a useful and inspiring environment to work in. Since taking part in the residency, Eksi has now become a studio holder at The Arches.

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