Funding Success for Local Artists

Here at ‘a space’ we’ve been celebrating the fantastic success stories of local artists on recent Arts Council England funding applications and we’re delighted for Southampton artist James Paddock who was awarded funding for his project Mirrored to the Core (Schizophrenic Love).

Mirrored to the Core (Schizophrenic Love) is a collaborative project between artist James Paddock, composer Jerome Van Den Berghe and opera director Rosalind Parker. This new video art project will follow two schizophrenic people who meet and fall in love. Communicating through ‘heard voices’ in their subconscious minds, their telepathy will be represented by operatic singing, graphics and a contemporary musical soundscape. Romantically and poetically translating scientific research into video art, the project will be informed by workshops with neurodiverse participants, opera singers and schizophrenic actors. As a collaborative, cross-disciplinary project, it will culminate in an online panel discussion and screenings of the completed artwork.

On his experience having received 1 to 1 support from ‘a space’, James said “As I live locally, the seed of a project always begins in Southampton. I found ‘a space’ arts 1-to-1 mentoring incredibly helpful; it was a collaboration in its own right, as we were putting our minds together in Southampton to search for the best ways forward.”

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