Our Time, a New Talent Development Programme for Young People in Southampton

Last year, Southampton announced its intension to become UK City of Culture 2025. Becoming UK City of Culture is a local and global way to celebrate all the City has to offer and create new opportunities for all and this week, the UK City of Culture bid team launched an exciting new opportunity for young people in the City.

Our Time is a new talent development programme which will support emerging young artists and creatives in the City.  The initiative will offer young people the opportunity to be granted a bursary of £500. This bursary will support their journey across the cultural and creative sector through mentoring, development and training. This prize will be given to 10 young people to invest, develop and build creative capacity across the city’s young people in preparation for 2025 and beyond.

To apply you must be a young person aged 18 – 25 living or studying in Southampton. Your talent can represent all aspects of Southampton’s culture, so sport, music, food, performing, film, visual arts, dance, crafts – it’s your culture, you define it!

The closing date for submissions is Monday 5th July. Entries are judged by members of the SO25 steering group and SO25 bid team. The 10 winners will be announced Monday 19th July.  To apply for the Our Time £500 bursary applicants, need to share why is it their time either by video, writing, audio or artwork. This can be on their social media accounts with the #OurTimeSO25 or emailed to admin@city-eye.co.uk. Video content should be no longer than 3 minute and can be emailed or shared by private/unlisted link or file transfer service.

Find out more and support Southampton’s bid for UK City of Culture 2025 here

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