Transition by Kane Applegate

About the Work

GHT is proud to present the exhibition ‘Transition’ with work by Solent University graduate Kane Applegate.

Transition tells the story of how God’s House Tower was repaired, renovated and repurposed to become Southampton’s new arts and heritage venue in 2019. Photographic documentation, taken by staff at ‘a space’ arts, was exhibited alongside a newly commissioned artwork by Kane Applegate, as well as a recorded conversation between Kane Applegate and director Daniel Crow.To accompany the exhibition, we published a photo book with a foreword by GHT Director, Daniel Crow, about the refurbishment project and transition of the building from desolate ancient monument to a new contemporary arts and heritage venue.

The exhibition ran from 19th October 2019 to 2nd February 2020 at God’s House Tower.

About the Artist

Kane’s practice is fed by an ever-growing collection of abandoned and abused materials and objects, discarded and disregarded by the citizens of Southampton. Working with these found things, he builds sculptures and structures that explore the notion of three physical forces: balance, compression and tension. In their final form, his sculptures become illusions; the objects, stripped of their function, stack, balance and bend in seemingly impossible ways. For Transition, Kane made a site- specific installation, built using objects uncovered during the renovations at God’s House Tower. These materials, bent, broken, reassembled and rearranged, are given a new life and a new audience in this most recent chapter of the building’s history.