Public Art

At ‘a space’ we create, commission and deliver public art projects, often for developers with section 106 obligations, supporting artists to create new, and often permanent works of art to enrich the public realm.

To achieve this we call on a wide range of skilled artists and practitioners, working across a range of disciplines, to produce artworks which sensitively and imaginatively respond to the context, environment or history of a location.

For developers, our management service provides expert assistance and advice on delivering public artworks and meeting planning obligations as well as a offering a new, creative perspective. Our aim is to commission artworks that add to the experience of living in a community and increase the public’s awareness and understanding of the site’s history.

When possible, we work with local artists, fabricators and suppliers to support the local economy. However, we also believe in commissioning the right artist for the right development and have invited both national and international artists to make work for previous projects.

We believe great public art can enhance neighbourhoods and improve the wellbeing of communities, whether the public art takes the form of a sculpture, mural, installation, publication, performance or an event it should make a contribution to its surroundings.

Completed Projects