A History of Movement, Southampton

The artwork by Isabella Martin was commissioned by Mountpark and produced by ‘a space’ arts for the 2017 development of the former Ford Factory site on Wide Lane, Southampton.

The artwork of 20 polished steel signs running along Wide Lane presents a history of movement at the former Ford Motors Factory Site by referencing actions that have taken place on this site over the last 11,700 years.

Each word is an action verb inspired by this long and varied history, and is placed in chronological order to reflect this history and evoke the past uses of the site. The shape of the individual signs is inspired by the rounded rectangular front grill on the classic Ford Transit Van, the yellow posts of the signs match the machinery fencing used throughout the Ford Motors Factory and the font is inspired by the lettering on RAF aircraft, first used at the site during World War II.

Short video of the work by Isabella can be viewed online. To accompany the artwork ‘a space’ also produced a publication outlining the site’s history which inspired the artwork.