Lagland Street Mural, Bournemouth

Commissioned by developer Stonewater, ‘a space’ arts were asked to develop the public art element of this new residential development in central Poole.

The site lies opposite what was formerly a Foundry, and later a Brushworks. Having researched the history of both it was discovered that Lewin’s Foundry had a particularly interesting history. The two new buildings, named Hucklesby (in memory of the architect who designed the building), and Lewin contain a mix of affordable apartments.

Stephen Samuel Lewin established a foundry at the site in 1866, the foundry gained a strong reputation for making agricultural machinery, steamboats, and train locomotives. In 1872 Lewin conceded the 9-hour day to his workforce, one of the first local employers to do so. Lewin was also an artist, civil engineer and architect. At the age of 20 he published a book on the history of Lincolnshire churches. Later in life his design for the Albert Memorial in London came close to being selected.

Poole is famous for it’s ceramics, Poole Pottery, located close to the end of Lagland Street had a great influence on the area, especially in its previous guise as Carter and Co. A number of local buildings, especially pubs are adorned in ornate glazed ceramic tiles. For this reason we selected illustrator and ceramist Lucy Kirk to illustrate the history of Lewin’s Foundry across a tiled mural.

Lucy’s design, uses her signature style to illustrate the life of Samuel Lewin and the Foundry and was installed on custom tiles around each of the entranceways into the buildings.

A second phase to the project will see the design installed on interior communal spaces.