Throes of Grief (TOG)

Throes of Grief (TOG) is an artist-led collective research initiative exploring both the presence and themes of Grief in contemporary art practice. Founded by Annabel Pettigrew in 2020, following an open call and a round of initial in-depth conversations with applicants, a group of eight artists were selected to take part as participants. Participants currently meet online for discussion, presentation of work, peer critique and workshops. In doing so contribute to collaborative research and critical development of practice. Participants are encouraged to engage with the presence of grief within work and practice, and examine any conceptual themes to further the critical underpinning or development of the work we make.

Since the 2020 pandemic 163k people have died from covid in the UK alone, making grief omnipresent in society. Grief is an under-represented and under-researched area of critical and contextual development in contemporary art. This peer group seeks to identify and develop the dialogue around Grief and Grief-related themes in contemporary arts practice with artists who explore these in their work.

As a peer group, Throes of Grief are looking are looking to expand and diversify their cohort and contributor/collaborator network, and will be recruiting new member/s from the SO postcode area via an open call process. Find out more here.


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