God's House Tower

God’s House Tower (GHT) is ‘a space’ arts award-winning flagship arts and heritage venue located in Southampton’s historic Old Town. Having opened to the public in September 2019 with an ambitious programme of exhibitions and events, through inventive reimagining of the stories of Southampton’s past, GHT’s programme shares and celebrates our local heritage past and present, and invites audiences to immerse themselves in contemporary art .Through our rich programme of activities and exhibitions we aim to:

  • Programme relevant and thought provoking projects which open up conversations and stories for those who don’t yet know of Southampton’s history or have faced barriers accessing local heritage and culture 
  • To develop skillsets and empower communities to be creators and researchers and to develop a lifelong interest in arts and culture 
  • To diversify Southampton’s creative community and create role models who will develop this work and inspire a new generation of creativity reflective of the diversity in the city
See what's on and plan your visit by heading to the GHT website