Arches Studios Lockdown Update

Despite the coronavirus lockdown activity at the Arches Studios has continued in various forms aa residents have adapted to new ways of working. Since lockdown began back in March, Arches residents have been holding fortnightly forums on video conferencing platform Zoom. Much of these has focused on discussions and subsequently planning for how to evolve this year’s annual Arches Open Studios in July. An online programme is now being finalised and will be released in the coming weeks.

‘a space’ arts has been able to offer residents 100% rent relief for April, and 75% rent relief for May and June in order to compensate for the restricted access to studios and potentially unstable income for residents.

One of the newest residents, photographer Dana Dohotaru, last week led an online social media workshop for the other residents as part their ongoing Skill Share programme. Residents have also been using Zoom for regular ‘cuppas’, the social occasions help to relieve the isolation of working from home and have meant the community hasn’t lost any continuity.

Resident Dave Hubble has a piece in Climate Culture’s ‘Quarantine Connection‘, where he is ‘Day 19’ artist.

The Arches Dye Garden has had new plants added to it by Lizzie Jones, these are for use in future natural dye projects. New plants include madder, dyers chamomile, dyers coreopsis, saw-wort, dyers broom, woad and weld. The planting has been put in after Lizzie attended a course from Nature’s Rainbow and got some advice inspiration, seeds and seedlings. Lizzie’s also been involved in People and Place Project led by artist Laura Eldret (who’s currently exhibiting in God’s House Tower).