Artist Survival Guide #04

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to restrict our movement we’ll continue to publish our Artist Survival Guide, our fourth edition looks at resources, information, and workshops available to artists working remotely as well as the increasing ways that audiences can engage with culture.

Southampton based artist Kye Wilson is able to support Arts Council applications free of charge for local artists struggling to complete the Arts Council’s Emergency Funding because of disabilities including dyslexia, dyspraxia, and mental health issues. Get in touch with Kye directly for any enquiries.

The Tate offers a range of on online resources for students, particularly useful for anyone about to graduate.

Senior Editor at Frieze, Pablo Larios, has proposed how the current pandemic can be an opportunity to reimagine the Arts. Frieze have also shared a number of digital exhibitions by leading International galleries.

Arts Council’s Digital Culture Network has a useful guide to producing video content. First Site in Colchester have now released their Artist Activity Pack.

Our own venue, God’s House Tower, has released the first in a series of Make and Create workshops. RIPE artist Alexandra Sutherland shares technics for dying fabric using what you’ve already got at home.

Artist, Max Siedentopf, has created his own survival guide of artworks that depict challenges that can be taken on at home.

Art Rabbit have profiled a number of activities from galleries that can be experienced from home.

Film and Video Umbrella have made a selection of their films free to view on their website. Plymouth Arts Centre have made MUBI subscriptions free for 3 months, the platform has been used to release several arthouse films since cinemas closed last month. Banff Film Festival have handpicked a number of films that they’ve made available to watch at home.

Southampton’s independent record store, Vinilo, have put together a ‘music to get you through’ playlist (and are offering free delivery on all orders).

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