Banana Split: Focus on Robin Price

In the lead up to Banana Split, our first RIPE exhibition of the season that opens this Friday at 6pm, we’ve been catching up with each of the artists involved to find out more about their practice and their latest work.

For this final instalment we chatted with Rob Price, who graduated from Southampton Solent University two years ago. Robin is interested in space and volume; his practice explores different ways of measuring space beyond the numerical value. He builds sculptures and installations that are often interactive, inviting the audience to participate in the work and influence the outcome. Recently, he’s been working with wire and experimenting with sound and vibration.

Hi Rob! Last summer you exhibited as part of Ripe Bananas at the Alfred Arcade, what did you exhibit and how was that experience for you?
I exhibited a range of work, collaborating with Kane Applegate to produce plaster casts of ourselves and a wooden structure that rests on top of the arcade. This work has since become a symbol of the arcade, signposting the exhibition space. The experience of exhibiting last year was great – not only getting to work with some really talented artists, but to be a part of a truly unique experience.

What has the last year (or last few years) been like since you graduated from University?
It’s been difficult but exciting. After leaving university it is hard to establish yourself as an artist but through the opportunities a space have given me, such as regular crit sessions and one-to-ones, I’ve been able to sustain my practice.

What have you seen in that last year that’s inspired you?
There have been a number of exhibitions at the solent showcase gallery that have been interactive. I like the idea that the viewer has an integral part of the work and it’s interesting seeing this dynamic in action. I would like to experiment more with pieces of work that has this level of engagement.

What have you been working on lately what are you likely to exhibit in Banana Split?
I have been working with Tess Davey to create an interactive installation, merging the idea of space and volume with sound to create an immersive experience. You will have to come to the show to find out more.

Do you have any projects lined up or anything else that you’ll be working on post Banana Split?
After Banana Split, I’ll be doing a year long residency at the Hidden Wardrobe. ‘a space’ arts have also given us a pub to work on and get up and running so that we can hold events, further expanding our networks and audiences.