Cumberland Place public art commission nears completion

‘a space’ arts’ public art commission at Cumberland Place is a step closer to completion.

Dorset based artists Denman+Gould are working on the ambitious public art commission that includes hand casting over 1,300 bespoke concrete paving tiles for the project, which is part of the new Southampton Crossings student development.

Denman+Gould recently started pouring the concrete for these, with 20 being cast each day over the next few weeks.

Carefully measured pigment will be added to a number of them to create coloured paving that, when installed, will be arranged to create a set of constellations viewable from the site that once housed an observatory.

We caught up with Eleanor Goulding of Denman+Gould and asked what they’d learnt from the project so far.

‘Do your research! At the initial stages a massive part of this project was researching techniques, ways of making and working with collaborators. There were many variables when it came to making such a large piece with many elements involved, after researching extensively we decided we wanted to cast it all ourselves.

To make the moulds we decided to work with a mould maker who were certainly not the cheapest option but after doing our research we knew we would end up with a quality mould which give us the best possible casts. Without this investment we’d be in a difficult situation now thats for sure. The moulds have a lot of work to do and we are very happy with them so far at 30% into production.

We also made our own mould supports at our studio to cut down on manufacturing costs so being resourceful is also really important to us.
We’ve been working on achieving minimal to zero waste and have got our quantities accurate enough to achieve this.’

Installation of the artwork will begin in the summer. Denman+Gould are also working with ‘a space’ arts on a public art commission at Winterbourne Abbas, not far from their Dorset studio, which we visited last month.