New Artwork to Launch at Arches Open Studios

‘a space’ arts are delighted to announce that a new embedded artwork by Arches residents Lizzie Jones and Celeste Ingrams that will be launched at our Arches Open Studios event on the 22nd and 23rd June.

The artwork, Natural Dye Garden/Curtain, is a new commission connecting the interior studios and the exterior garden through the use of plants and their extracted colours. The project has been produced by the artists working closely with their colleagues within the Arches Studios community, making together, through a programme of workshops. A small garden has been created with planters made from unwanted pallets outside the studios that now have plants sourced for their natural dye properties and a natural dye curtain is hung in the studio office.

Through the project the artists have worked with a range of different natural dye techniques, from hammering plants directly onto fabric ‘hapazome’, resist dyeing through folding, tying and compressing fabric ‘shibori’, bundle dyeing and hot and cold dye baths.

The natural dye colour palette is varied, from bright yellows to soft greens and greys all produced with natural dye from materials such as sunflower seeds, calendula (marigold) petals, nettle, avocado stone, black walnut and turmeric.

Talking about the new garden, the artists consider their materials and new skills acquired to complete Natural Dye Garden/Curtain:

“We have nettles nearby in the spring and calendula is great all year round with the bright yellow flowers. Sunflowers, lupin and dahlia may offer us colours this summer, tomato leaves, fig twigs and beetroot. By gardening and foraging we’ve begun our journey exploring and extracting colour from plants.”
Lizzie Jones

The project has been curated by Gemma Gore. This new artwork is just one of many exciting new works to see at Arches Open Studios weekend 22nd and 23rd June.

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