New James Paddock Artwork Developed in Arch 04

The Arches Studios’ flexible event space, Arch 04, was earlier this year made available to visual artists free of charge as a testing space for new ideas. Most recently this has been made use of by Southampton based visual artist James Paddock.

James was awarded Arts Council funding earlier this year and has been building and testing a new installation, PYLON, ahead of it being exhibited at A-side B-side Gallery in London.

PYLON, a new mixed media installation is inspired by experiences of psychosis. The installation takes the viewer on a journey of a psychotic young woman (performed by actress and performance artist, Amber Weyman) who travels on foot, as the psychotic experience unravels. The artwork uses moving image and special audio techniques (binaural sound) to convey the psychotic experience to audiences through an immersive installation.

You can see PYLON at A-side B-side Gallery in London from 5th – 10th September 2019.