Ripe Mangoes Profile: Allison Farley

We’re continuing profiling each of this year’s exhibiting artists in the build up to the launch of Ripe Mangoes #01, selected from the degree shows at Southampton Solent University and Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton.

Allison Farley

Allison’s practice is informed by nature and an understanding of natural materials. Her most recent body of work is about her trypophobia, a fear of small holes or circles, triggered by the spores, or sori, that hide under fern leaves. The work is made with unglazed red clay; it is simple and understated, but deeply unsettling.

“Through the process of making so many holes, I have inadvertently been part of exposure therapy and my trypophobia has eased considerably… My aim was to highlight an unknown phobia and make an unseen reaction visible and through doing so I have eased my own anguish.”

Join us on Friday 19th July at 7pm at the Alfred Arcade on Old Northam Road for the launch of Ripe Mangoes #01.