Ripe Mangoes Profile: Gwen Datnyer

We’re continuing profiling each of this year’s exhibiting artists in the build up to the launch of Ripe Mangoes #01, selected from the degree shows at Southampton Solent University and Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton.

Gwen Datnyer

Gwen makes images and films that offer the viewer a voyeuristic insight into her personal life. Her friends and family become characters in a distorted and disordered version of reality; they watch TV, get a takeaway, go to the football and then return home to a house full of farmyard animals, whilst Gwen herself scrolls through her instagram stories, haunted by the scenes and sounds of the night before.

“I record my family, friends and myself, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes performing but always just being themselves. I enjoy creating a sense of confusion as to whether they are staged, un-staged or digitally manipulated.”

Join us on Friday 19th July at 7pm at the Alfred Arcade on Old Northam Road for the launch of Ripe Mangoes #01.