Ripe Mangoes Profile: Imogen Marooney

In the build up to the launch of Ripe Mangoes #01, we’re profiling each of this year’s exhibiting artists, selected from the degree shows at Southampton Solent University and Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton.

Imogen Marroney

Imogen invites the viewer to take an active role in her practice, by leading workshops to induce creativity and a collective outcome. The materials on offer are recycled, screen-printed scraps and previous participent’s artworks; the resulting works are displayed and curated by their makers, ready to be recycled again.

“My aim in these workshops is for people to make with no judgement put upon them and, also, not to think too much, in order to feel calmer and relaxed. This I believe is achieved by the act of the simple yet satisfying making.”

Join us on Friday 19th July at 7pm at the Alfred Arcade on Old Northam Road for the launch of Ripe Mangoes #01.