Tug-of-War Returns to Arches Open Studios

As Arches Open Studios, on 22nd and 23rd June, gets ever nearer we’re excited for this year’s eclectic programme of activities.

Returning this year after making it’s debut last year will be the tug-of-war between curators and artists. Watch and support select teams of artists and curators compete in a show of comedic strength to determine this year’s winning team.

Once an Olympic sport, tug-of-war featured in the London Olympic games in 1908 with some controversy. One of the British teams wore “enormous shoes, so heavy in fact that it was only with great effort that they could lift their feet from the ground”. Britain won gold, silver and bronze medals for tug-of-war that year!

2018’s Open Studios tug-of-war was won by the artists, can they outmuscle the curators once again this year? Find out come Saturday 22nd June at 4pm.

Arches Open Studios 2019 Programme