One Day Retrospective: sarah filmer


Wednesday 27th June 2018 2:00pm - 8:00pm

Arch 04, Arches Studios, Captain's Place (underneath Central Bridge), off Terminus Terrace, Southampton, SO14 3FE

One Day Retrospective is a series of exhibitions hosted by ‘a space’ arts and located at the Arches Studios. Every other month, a new artist will be invited to install their work in Arch 04 and contribute to a small program of activities and events.

For visitors, the experience will provide a unique insight into the processes and development of an artist’s practice. For the artist, taking part in a One Day Retrospective provides the opportunity, time and space for them to reflect on their artistic career and receive feedback from new and established audiences.

For June artist sarah filmer will be exhibiting on Wednesday 27th June with a Private View at 6pm.

sarah filmer works with the lived experience of a feminist woman, engaging people through public art, and drawing on her veterinary practice to parallel human-human and human-animal relationships. Her work manifests materially depending on content, sometimes yarn-based, still or moving image, or spontaneous temporary public intervention.

In 2016, her work received national attention through the GHT: a reincarnation’ project: to counteract the gender imbalance of historical records, sarah invited 700 women into God’s House Tower, to celebrate and record them through performance, imaging, and collective art practices, against a back-drop of the patriarchal dominance in the narrative of the medieval city walls.

A collaborator and interventionist, sarah uses art to reimagine public spaces, with guerrilla installations peppering her daily spaces: ‘riverside geese’ (2015) fly in the trees of her local park, and ‘ribbon people’ (2014), a depiction of 60 members of the public outlined in ribbon on industrial hoardings surrounding a new arts complex, questioned the relationship between grassroots and institutional art. Her project knit the walls (2016-8) uses knitting as a common thread for weaving personal stories into a city-wide participatory initiative.

Interview with sarah filmer