A Jacket for Lonely God / A Curled Celebration of Everyone

Event, Exhibitions

Monday 2nd – Monday 30th November 2020

Hidden Wardrobe, Old Northam Road, Southampton

‘A Jacket for Lonely God / A Curled Celebration of Everyone’ by Imogen Marooney now hangs in the windows of the Hidden Wardrobe.

Imogen’s practice is rooted in printmaking and creative writing; it is informal, intimate and inviting, often literally involving the audience in the creation of new work through workshops and performance.

“A ceremonial jacket for Lonely God, an unreal character of great importance, and because Lonely God can’t put it on himself, because he is too Godly, Lonely God has never worn it.

“Made with old bedsheets and quilted with a tailor’s herringbone stitch removed in normal tailoring, this jacket embraces the hidden skill of the tailor. It is finished with my newly learnt historical sewing techniques, such as removable sleeves tied on with ribbon with an underarm gap following the tradition of kimonos. Also, the use of felling throughout, a historical sewing technique of trimming and wrapping the seam within itself, finished the jacket off beautifully with no raw seams and a smooth finish. Luxury for a God.

“These difficult times remind me and Lonely God of good people who are all around us; I wanted them to know that I and Lonely God care and have made these prints for them. Names and pronouns captured in mono-screen-print hang from the ceiling curling to the floor, brightly coloured and all individual; this is the beginning of my celebration of everyone.”

Imogen was an ‘a space’ arts RIPE Mango in 2019. The RIPE graduate programme is now in its third year of providing studio space for fine art graduates from Solent University and Winchester School of Art.

The exhibition runs until November 30th, is free, open to all and in the windows of the Hidden Wardrobe on Old Northam Road.

Please note there is no access to the shop.