Artist Voices - How is Public Art Commissioned?

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Every Sunday

Our annual Artist Voices event is back and this year we’re asking ‘how is public art commissioned?’ Through a series of conversations hosted by independent producer Katie Daley-Yates from Host Productions you will hear about the process of working in public space from the artists’ perspective.

Throughout April and May 2021, we will be releasing four, hour-long conversations with visual artists Anne-Marie Culhane, Eleanor Goulding, Nayan Kulkarni and Hew Locke, along with a compilation video of selected highlights. These will be available on the ‘a space’ arts YouTube channel. The release dates for the videos and a blurb for each converstation is listed below.


Sunday 25th April at 2pm

This best bits compilation contains selected highlights from the four, hour-long conversations that were recorded as part of this series. It will give you an introduction to each artist, an insight into their public art practices and and idea about what topics are covered in the longer conversations.


Sunday 2nd May at 2pm

Anne-Marie Culhane is based in Devon and works as an artist, activist and collaborator across a range of disciplines in outdoor spaces, community centres, parks, in the street and sometimes in galleries and museums. In Anne-Marie’s conversation she reflects on the importance of time, being able to sit with a place and how the seasons play a part in denoting how long her commissions are active.


Sunday 9th May at 2pm

Denman + Gould a collaborative practice made up of Eleanor Goulding and Russell Denman work from their base in rural Dorset. In Eleanor’s conversation she speaks about working with ‘a space’ arts on their first public art commissions since they moved out of the commercial design business. They reflect on how work and pressure is shared when working collaboratively and the importance of the artist’s hands in the making process.


Sunday 16th May at 2pm

Nayan Kulkarni is based in London and interested in the effects and affects of cinematic imagining on human experience and the urban environment. This interest is expressed in light, sound, video and performance based works in galleries and the public realm. In Nayan’s conversation he reflects on risk taking and being part of team when delivering large-scale public artworks as well as the importance of paperwork and contracts when working in public space!


Sunday 23rd May at 2pm

Hew Locke is based in London and through his work explores the languages of colonial and post-colonial power, how different cultures fashion their identities through visual symbols of authority, and how these representations are altered by the passage of time. In Hew’s conversation he reflects on the need for artists to hold on to their ideas within the process of development, but still be open to differences of opinion and how memorialising history is a tricky business.


This year the event is being delivered online to work around lockdown restrictions, which means the recorded conversations and resources will be available for you to listen at your own convenience after the dates listed above on the ‘a space’ arts YouTube channel.  Watch here