'Inspirational Women Artists' 23 Exhibition & Silent Auction Launch

We celebrated International Women’s Day 2023 with the launch of ‘Inspirational Women Artists’, an exciting new exhibition and silent auction taking place at our flagship venue God’s House Tower this March and April.

As the second year running of this empowering and inspiring exhibition, you’re invited to explore a diverse collection of powerful and uplifting works emphasising the influential impact of women artists past and present and how their lasting legacy has continued to inspire the artists of today. From intricate illustrations to graphic prints and collages, the exhibition featured emerging and established artists across disciplines and at all stages of their artistic careers who are utilising their creativity to make a positive difference and raise essential funds for an important cause.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, you’ll have the chance to take home the works on display by taking part in our Silent Auction. For each artwork sold, 50% of the proceeds will go to the artist who made the work and 50% will be donated to Yellow Door, a Southampton-based charity that prevents and responds to domestic and sexual abuse. The silent auction will end ahead of the closing event, where the final amount of money raised will be announced.

Inspirational Women Artists is on display from Friday 10th March to Sunday 23rd April and is free to visit. Find out more here

Book your free ticket for our closing event on Eventbrite here.

Photography by Luke Shears