Meet the recipients of the Turning Point 2023 Bursary

Last year we re-launched ‘a space’ arts biennial Turning Point Bursary for Visual Artists (previously named the Talent Development Bursary) and we’re pleased to announce the second cohort of artists selected for this year’s bursary programme.

Following a tough selection process, we’re delighted to announce the 2023 Turning Point Bursary recipients are: Suna Imre, Carrie Mason, Joshua Raffell, Alec Stevens.

The Turning Point Bursary programme supports artists and artist groups living or working in the SO postcode area, who are at a turning point in their career. Through a £1000 bursary, the programme will see the artists explore new territories, deliver artistic activities that are responsive to their needs and ambition. 

Read on to find out more about this year’s recipients and how the bursary will support their ongoing practice.


Suna Imre

Suna Imre is a Winchester based artist working predominantly in clay.  The vulnerability and impermanence we share with the natural world is a constant thread that runs through her work  —  as is a desire to make art that contributes to the dialogue surrounding the importance of conserving our wild places. Meditation and embodied approaches to making are entwined into her practice.

The Turning Point Bursary will enable Suna to experiment with scale, developing her skill set, testing the limits of material and creating work directly from the land.

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Carrie Mason

Carrie Mason is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Dorset. Carrie’s work explores how we navigate the challenges of contemporary life when so many of our experiences are virtual and mediated through a digital screen. Since graduating in 2017 Carrie has been investigating ideas around flow state, stillness, meditation and being present through drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and performance.

Through the Turning Point Bursary, Carrie hopes to learn new skills in metal smithing with the aim of introducing metal shapes and forms into her work. 

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Joshua Raffell

Joshua Raffell is an artist based in Ryde, Isle of Wight. Joshua’s work plays with ideas, images and complex memory of himself and his personal narrative. He uses distorted memory and distortion in his artistic process; pushing, pulling, cutting up, rubbing out and stitching layers of strong colour together, with a roughly hewn, stripped back and unapologetic aesthetic. Through experimentation and playing with new materials he aims to create work that’s fun, objective and uncompromising yet accessible

The Turning Point Bursary will enable Joshua to experiment with clay and scale, producing a new work with critical feedback through 1:1 support and interaction with the other recipients. 

Follow Joshua on Instagram – @joshuaraffellart


Alec Stevens

Alec Stevens @stevens.alec is a Queer Artist based in Bristol and works as an Artist in Residence within West Dean College, West Sussex for the last 3 years. They make witty, crafted artworks based on meticulous research within archives, museums and historic properties.

For ‘a space arts’, Alec will be developing ‘Queer Bar Light Room’, An illustrated projection artwork based on collected Queer fantasies. They are currently amassing fantasies from the LGBTQAI+ community via an anonymous google form found on their account.

“I am very grateful to the turning point programme as it gives time, space and money to develop this project to become more impactful, far-reaching and diverse.”

Follow Alec on Instagram – @stevens.alec