Ripe Mangoes Profile: Melanie Fitch-Mitchell

We’re continuing profiling each of this year’s exhibiting artists in the build up to the launch of Ripe Mangoes #02. Selected from the degree shows at Southampton Solent University and Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton, we’re focusing this time on Solent Fine Art graduate Melanie Fitch-Mitchell.

Melanie Fitch-Mitchell

Melanie makes large, life-like sculptures from recycled materials, gleaned from her neighbours’ bins. The work is nostalgic and often humorous, inspired by her observations of a male-dominated motorcycle culture and mealtimes at Berni Inn in 1970s Britain.

“I have always enjoyed scavenging for treasure amongst the rubbish… and then finding interesting ways of using it; a length of bubble wrap may become a piece of streaky bacon once primed and painted.”

Join us on Friday 19th August at 6pm at the Alfred Arcade on Old Northam Road for the launch of Ripe Mangoes #02.