New public art project is now installed

We’re pleased to announce that our latest public art project in the heart of Southampton is now installed.

The work is a beautiful, contemplative addition to new student accommodation, inspired by the astronomical observatory that once occupied the site.

Artists Denman+Gould, who are based in Dorset, mapped 11 star constellations onto a grid. Each constellation, represented by a different colour, forms an abstract pattern that can be picked out from from students’ rooms above – or at floor level. A geometric motif of equilateral triangles echoes the architectural forms used in observatories, and in particular the geodesic structures invented by Buckminster Fuller.

The colour palette is inspired by the hand-painted colour index of old British geological survey maps, developed by artists and scientists in the 19th Century. Over 1200 individual pieces were hand cast by Denman+Gould.

Artists Denman+Gould said: “We adopted the rich, subtle and meaningful colour palette to celebrate the spirit of exploration and intellectual enquiry that’s essential to education.” 

The work is at Southampton Crossings, Cumberland Place, Southampton.