Ripe Tomatoes Artist Profiles #01

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be introducing each of the artists involved in our upcoming exhibition, Ripe TomatoesEach post will include two artists, one graduate from Solent University (SU) and one from Winchester School of Art (WSA), University of Southampton. Today’s artists are Poppy Ash (WSA) and Carolyn NiChonbhai (SU) – you can find out more about their practices by reading on!


Poppy Ash


Poppy makes humorous and honest observations of the world around her. Often drawing on everyday experiences and daily routines such as trips to Tesco and drinking tea in the bath, she creates small, informal drawings and zines using cheap, readily available materials.

“My practice explores the everyday and overlooked, drawing from my own experiences. Primarily creating handmade A7 zines, I contemplate prosaic observations, incorporating subtle dry humour to mundane topics. The use of drawing and handwritten text heightens the personal and playful nature of my work, as the zines act as a distraction from the busy, stressful nature of daily life.”


Carolyn NiChonbhai


Carolyn’s multidisciplinary practice includes poetry, performance and moving image. Drawing on personal experiences of heartbreak and womanhood, her work addresses wider socio-political issues surrounding the body, sexuality and gender.

“My work currently seeks to alter perceptions and challenge presumptions on controversial, political and feminist topics. When exhibited, I want my work to be an immersive experience in order to evoke certain emotions and questions in the viewer’s mind.”


To find out more about Ripe Tomatoes, follow the link below 

Ripe Tomatoes


Join us at 7pm on Friday 21st August for the live launch event! We will meet on Zoom and take an artist lead tour of the virtual Alfred Arcade featuring live art performances, followed by a Q&A.

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