Ripe Tomatoes Artist Profiles #03

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be introducing each of the artists involved in our upcoming exhibition, Ripe TomatoesEach post will include two artists, one graduate from Solent University (SU) and one from Winchester School of Art (WSA), University of Southampton. Today’s artists are Olivér Gáspár (WSA) and Nicole MacDonald (SU) – you can find out more about their practices by reading on!


Olivér Gáspár


Olivér is concerned about the environment and wasteful consumption. He uses recycled crisp packets to make flags and paints on flattened cardboard boxes. His work is often satirical and includes imagery appropriated from the media of famous and infamous figures and faces, including the royal family and reality TV stars.

“With the natural world slowly becoming inhabitable to humans – mostly because of our own interference with it, to satisfy our consumption – and technology becomes more advanced and widespread, radically changing our lives as well, the question becomes clear. How do we react to it? Are we embracing this change or we rebel against it? Is it possible to embrace these changes while we also keep our identities as part of the natural world?”


Nicole MacDonald

Nicole’s paintings are bright, bold and uplifting; her naive style gives the work an honest and endearing quality. Her practice is about body positivity and empowering women to be proud of their shape, size and the colour of their skin. The work is about celebrating and embracing our differences and promoting the message: all bodies are beautiful.

“This year I have focused my work on plus-size body positivity and empowerment, which is something I feel passionately about. Through my work, I hope to present that larger bodies can be just as beautiful as the socially accepted smaller body that has been idolised for many years. I also want to show that women with larger bodies can have the same love and happiness for themselves.”


To find out more about Ripe Tomatoes, follow the link below 

Ripe Tomatoes


Join us at 7pm on Friday 21st August for the live launch event! We will meet on Zoom and take an artist lead tour of the virtual Alfred Arcade featuring live art performances, followed by a Q&A.

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