Ripe Tomatoes Artist Profiles #04

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be introducing each of the artists involved in our upcoming exhibition, Ripe TomatoesEach post will include two artists, one graduate from Solent University (SU) and one from Winchester School of Art (WSA), University of Southampton. Today’s artists are Thirsika Jeyapalan (WSA) and Sophie Warwick (SU) – you can find out more about their practices by reading on!


Thirsika Jeyapalan


Thirsika’s work is informed by her activism, identity and politics. As a second-generation British-Eelam Tamil, she is interested in what it means to be part of a diaspora and frequently attends protests, reading groups and discussions about the Tamil struggle and Sri Lankan politics. Thirsika’s multidisciplinary practice includes painting and filmmaking and often references her cultural heritage.

“I am constantly battling with positioning political themes within my work in a way that is not didactic. Food highlights the language of love and the resistance of the Tamil diaspora – it is an integral part of our culture. I’ve produced several films about my memories and love for Tamil Food.”


Sophie Warwick


Sophie is a photographer, working mostly with large format analog photography. Her work documents the homes and faces of family members and loved ones, recording and preserving their features, feelings, possessions and domestic environments.

“Left at Home is a body of work about my grandparent’s home. Through still-life imagery, I wanted to embody the emotions surrounding a domestic environment in which bedrooms are now vacant and the past preserved through matter and abandoned belongings. In a consumer society we use material as a form of self-identification, items we no longer desire or wish to identify with simply discarded, becoming property of the past.”


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Ripe Tomatoes


Join us at 7pm on Friday 21st August for the live launch event! We will meet on Zoom and take an artist lead tour of the virtual Alfred Arcade featuring live art performances, followed by a Q&A.

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