Ripe Tomatoes Artist Profiles #07

This week we’re introducing each of the artists involved in our upcoming exhibition, Ripe TomatoesEach post will include two artists, one graduate from Solent University (SU) and one from Winchester School of Art (WSA), University of Southampton. Today’s artists are Maryam Zahra Kazimi (WSA) and Karolina Trhonova (SU) – you can find out more about their practices by reading on!


Maryam Zahra Kazimi

@_maryamkaz / @just3boysinkimonos

Maryam’s practice is experimental and unpredictable. It exists at the intersection of research-creation, socially engaged art, curation, intervention and the expanded field of drawing. Ideas begin as doodles, drawings and notes and evolve through collaborative and collective activity, conversations and large-scale installations.

Just 3 Boys in Kimonos is an entirely fictional art collective, consisting of a group of philosophically inclined young artists, musicians and authors. Works attributed to the group include: a full-length eponymous screenplay by Ibrahim, a number of poetry notebooks by Chris and the eclectic musical outputs of band-mates Jeff and Ibby, who together make up the group Synthetic Russions.”


Karolina Trhonova


Karolina creates intricate illustrations and stop-motion animations that explore notions of dualism. Her work is red and blue, masculine and feminine; it’s about creation and destruction, life and death. Often incorporating sculptural elements and soundscapes, the final outcome is an immersive experience.

“Through moving images, objects in space, environment and sounds combined in installations, I am trying to reach all senses of the audience and present my ideas from many different angles. In my work, I often like to use symbolism to capture the harmony and difference between two worlds, Beauty and Ugliness of humans.”


To find out more about Ripe Tomatoes, follow the link below 

Ripe Tomatoes


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