Ripe Tomatoes Artist Profiles #08

This week we’re introducing each of the artists involved in our upcoming exhibition, Ripe TomatoesEach post will include two artists, one graduate from Solent University (SU) and one from Winchester School of Art (WSA), University of Southampton. Today’s artists are Katie Mullender (WSA) and Jojo Lewis (SU) – you can find out more about their practices by reading on!


Katie Mullender


Katie’s paintings are textured and colourful. She is interested in physical, tangible objects and experiences that only exist IRL. Scenes from fruit markets and museums are created by layering acrylic paint, emulsion, oil pastels, ink and paper collage.

“My work aims to bring attention to the physical world, in particular, objects and scenarios that we pay increasingly less attention to due to screens and mobile devices. I make the work to be a physical contrast to digital images we see daily through screens, though the scenarios depicted may be similar, leading the viewer to question the changing nature of imagery.”


Jojo Lewis


Jojo is an activist as well as an artist. Her work attempts to dismantle patriarchal, oppressive social structures by challenging and mocking the established order. She uses photography and text to confront the viewer and raise awareness of issues such as tampon tax, slut-shaming and domestic abuse.

“Acknowledging my privileges, I wish to empower others, raising the voices of those who may not be heard to powerful and public spaces, such as gallery walls. Exploring the domestic space, I portray the internal struggles of domestic abuse victims, forced to be kept internal by shame, vulnerability and fear. Using quotes from real experiences, this work was made to raise awareness and promote helplines for those needing support.”


To find out more about Ripe Tomatoes, follow the link below 

Ripe Tomatoes


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