Talent Development Artist Catch-up - Jacquie Rolls

We’ve been catching up with recent recipients of the Talent Development bursary to find out how this funding has supported local artists’ practice and creative development. Jacquie Rolls is an eclectic mixed media artist and sculptor who enjoys working and experimenting with predominantly natural and found materials whose bursary supported her in becoming an artist in residence. Read on to find out more about Jacquie’s experience.

What did the Talent Development bursary enable you to do?

I had always wanted to spend time experimenting with different materials in an environment that would bring new challenges and different constraints to overcome. I had already approached Fursey Gardens in the New Forest to see if I could join them as an artist in residence.

The funding allowed me to take advantage of this opportunity as it provided funds to engage a mentor support me during the 6 months of the project and gave me the tools explore my practice in new ways. The funding also provided the opportunity to work with a photographer to help me to record the experience from a different perspective.

I also enjoyed spending time with the other creatives who had received a bursary as we were able to provide support for each other and helped us to review and question what we were doing, helping me to vocalise my inner thoughts and talk about my work in new ways

Where are you now / what’s happened since?

It has inspired me to carry on experimenting with different materials and to explore new practice, develop new ideas and explore other options for creating in new and different environments. The experience also helped me to realise that being involved in co-mentoring programs was very helpful and it is one that I am exploring for the future.

What has the impact of the bursary been?

The inner need to create new work is often difficult to achieve as the practical need to earn a living often has to take priority. The funding gave me the time out to explore and challenge myself and the confidence to keep going.

Before the lockdown I was aiming to be in a position to give myself more time to develop, this was put on hold for a while as I found it very difficult to work during this time. I am now re-emerging again and I have been busily applying for new funding streams and exploring new options to enable me to take the next step in my journey.

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