Talent Development - Artist Catch-up with Jackie Eksi

Back in 2019, we awarded 11 artists from the SO postcode area a bursary as part of the Talent Development bursary scheme, which invites artists to propose and carry out a six month project of support and activities to develop their work and career. We’ve been catching up with the artists to find out more about their experiences and their practice post-lockdown.

Jackie Eksi is an artist and Fine Art graduate from Solent University. As part of her Talent Development bursary project, Jackie produced a ‘diorama’ of her childhood home, with a focus on developing her skills in 3D construction and digital filming and editing to support a sustainable future practice. We recently caught up with Jackie to find out how the bursary supported her practice.


What did the Talent Development bursary enable you to do?

The Talent Development bursary enabled me to make a large-scale project that I wouldn’t have been able to afford to put together without funding. The constant contact and opportunity to talk through what I was doing was invaluable with overcoming my learning restrictions and mental health issues. The end result has been a construction of my childhood home and garden in dollhouse form. I printed and cut out family members from photos to create characters. I intended to film stories from my childhood within the house, but this never got to happen in its entirety.


Where are you now / what’s happened since?

Since the bursary ended – during the lockdown – many more stories around the house have been written, posts on social media sharing photos of the rooms and characters have kept audiences interested in the piece and people have understood that the house isn’t just a stand alone artwork but an ongoing narrative that still needs to be told. Having displayed the work in my window onto the street the neighbourhood has had the pleasure of viewing it. And I felt that I was giving some light relief, entertainment and visual pleasure to others, as well as honing my writing confidence and ability at communication skills.


What has the impact of the bursary been?

The impact of the bursary has been a longevity to this project far beyond the six  months. The timing of it was both fortunate and unlucky. I’m extremely grateful that during the lockdown I had a project that I could continue to add to: explore the stories it held, engage with the family over details and memories. Frankly this saved my sanity during what otherwise would have been an isolated and mentally challenging time. The support from ‘a space’ arts on a regular basis even after the end of the project, has been crucial through this challenging chapter of world events. I’m very grateful this opportunity existed. I hope to do more in the future. My need to be creative is as much therapy as it is a working practice.


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