Visit our new RIPE exhibition, Let it Breathe

We’re celebrating the new year with the launch of a new RIPE exhibition.

Let it Breathe is a new exhibition of sculptural works by local artist and RIPE graduate Svetlana Ochkovskaya. Imagining the Hidden Wardrobe as a creature with a unique system of organs, Svetlana’s lung-like sculptures represent the significance of this vital organ whilst exploring the phenomenology of spatial perception.

Having graduated from Solent University in 2017, Svetlana graduated as a Ripe Banana in the same year and has since gone on to complete an MA at Goldsmiths University of London in addition to exhibiting her work nationally and internationally.

On this new body of work, Svetlana said:

“Our lungs are two organs inside our chest filling with air as we breathe in. However, the most important function of the lungs is to carry movements of mind, speech, and body.

Referring to personal experience of lung surgeries during the lockdowns – when the illness had painstakingly shifted my life – this display meditates on a chance as a conductor that orchestrates our encounter of the world. “Where the lung is like a horse, and the mind is the rider if there is something wrong with the horse the rider will not be able to ride properly” (Have Carel, 2016). Through this work, I explore the phenomenology of spatial perception. 

Imagining the Hidden Wardrobe building as a creature with its unique system of organs, I hope to break down the everyday experience of space and create a disorientated environment, moving away from our atomised perception of the world.”

Let it Breathe is on display in the windows of the Hidden Wardrobe on Old Northam Road and can be enjoyed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Exhibition is on until Sunday 13th March 2022.

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