Artist Development

‘a space’ arts run a range of activities designed and taylored to develop visual artists living or working in Southampton.

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One to Ones

One to ones are an opportunity to get tailored feedback and advice on your practice from Artist Development Officer, Alys Scott-Hawkins. Ideal for artists, curators, and producers of all levels the sessions are based at the Arches Studios, and are free to book.

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Funding Clinic

We organise an annual fundraising clinic. A whole day of talks, workshops, and resources the next clinic will be in June 2019, with a range of artists and funders set to be invited, this will be confirmed in due course.

Artist Notice Board

We’ve compliled a handy PDF with of the best places to find opportunities for visual artists relevant to Southampton. This is a starting point for find commissions, open calls, and other opportunities.

Artist Notice Board

Talking Heads

Twice a year we invite some of our favourite artists to come and share their experience and tell us about what they’ve been up to. Hear from some of the most exciting visual artists practicing in the UK and abroad.

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