ArtVaults: Live Programme Confirmed

Following a recent call for entries ‘a space’ arts can now release details of the full programme for ArtVaults: Live.

Canute’s Palace will be transformed by an installation by local artist/architect Amanda Moore, which will form the backdrop for a programme of live art taking place across five consecutive weekends in September. All the events are free although some do require pre-booking in advance.

Amanda Moore’s installation presents a structural framework that includes tensile strings, strung across at a high level to support vessels filled with water from the nearby Solent. As daylight shines through the water receptacles, it casts reflections onto the floor which change throughout the day, producing extraordinary light effects within the architecture.

Weekend 01: Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd September

ArtVaults: Live will launch on Saturday 1st September with a spectacular performance of music, poetry and comedy by Mad King Ludwig (book here). Local micropub, the Butcher’s Hook, will be on hand to provide refreshments for the opening night. The following day sees artist sarah filmer lead a relaxed knitting and wondering session as part of her ongoing Knit the Walls project.

Weekend 02: Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th September

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha performs a ritual wearing a garment inspired by her own traditional African heritage and the rare and beautiful, endangered native British bird, the Capercaillie. While on Sunday the hidden histories of Canute’s Palace are brought to life, by artist Wilfred Tomescu in an aural guided exploration that both draws from and contributes to local mythology (book here).

Weekend 03: Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th September

On Saturday artist Noemi Lakmaier presents a performance which investigates Heidegger’s essay ‘The Thing’, contemplating the reification of thing-hood in contemporary society over the nature of Being. On Sunday artist Amy Scott-Pillow invites the public to collaborate in the creation of a temporary dwelling inside Canute’s Palace as part of a collaborative workshop (book here).

Weekend 04: Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd September

Daniel Tebano’s Sweaty Mystic present’s a re-enactment of the tale of King Canute, while attempting to create waves and the power of inertia within a clear, shallow perspex box located in Canute’s Palace. On Sunday Sarah Siddons Fan Club Theatre, who have put on their disguising apparel and forged a performance licence to present an interpretation of actual events in an impromptu performance of Hold Back the Tide (book here).

Weekend 05: Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th September

The final weekend sees Svetlana Ochkovskaya’s live performance and site-specific installation within Canute’s Palace merge themes of the mythical with science fiction. Finally, Robin Price, Kane Applegate & Andy Jones invite people to join a collaborative art activity with the aim to learn maritime knots in a shared kinaesthetic experience, a term they describe as Spontaneity Knotting (book here) on Sunday.

Browse the full programme to learn more about each event.

* Please note these events will be photographed by us for use in future marketing and promotions, including on social media, and to report to our funders. If you object to being included in photographs please state your objection at the start of the event you are attending.

** Canute’s Palace has been made accessible for people with mobility issues. Please contact us for any specific enquiries regarding accessibility.

ArtVaults: Live 2018 Programme